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The Turning Point - Part One

Posted by Steve Burrell on Sunday, May 13, 2018, In : The Seeds of Recovery 

For anyone who has managed to come across my blog, you may be wondering where I’m going with it!!

Is it just a rant from an old fool who has been unable to accept that the days of Brunel and Empire are long since past?


Its not that at all.

I’m doing this to try and explain (to myself if nobody else is reading this) why I still do what I do. Why I’m still impassioned about UK manufacturing, and above all else why I firmly believe that if we learn from the lessons of the past we W...

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The Reaction

Posted by Steve Burrell on Monday, May 7, 2018, In : The Demise of British Industry 

The Reaction

In my last Blog I described how our industries collapsed under the threat of low-cost foreign competition, and now I’ll consider if we were ‘innocent bystanders’ in the situation…..or whether we were complicit in our own downfall.

There was of course, some truth in our protestations.

The huge price differentials that were being achieved were in no small part due to the enormously reduced labour rates in the countries that were emerging, and their quality was indeed inter...

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The rot sets in

Posted by Steve Burrell on Tuesday, May 1, 2018,

At the end of my last blog I explained why I felt a sense of personal responsibility for the demise of British Industry, and now I want to go on to explain why I feel EVERYONE connected with industry should feel that similar sense of complicity, whether they were involved in:

·         The governance of it

·         The management of it

·         Simply working within it

So, following the challenge from foreign competition, the ‘rot’ continued to set in……………………. 


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