Who’s going to want to read anything I’ve got to say?

It’s not that I’ve got anything brand new to offer, my thoughts have been thought and brought to the world before now, and done so by far more eminent, educated and respected people that me.

After all, I’m only me.

So, who am I?

I have spent a lifetime in industry, and has observed, and been a part of the reason for, the dramatic decline in our manufacturing industries through the 1970,s, 80’s, 90’s and much of the noughties. 

“Part of the reason”!? Why do I consider myself to be “part of the reason”?

Well………..through this blog I intend to tell my story, and it’s one that I’m sure could be told by thousands of other people just like me who were told at school to work hard, get your qualifications and you’ll have a job for life.

It’s a story that begins as a craft apprentice, chronicles the collapse of our industries, and currently sits with me doing things to try and contribute to putting things right.

I hope someone, somewhere gets something from it.

Steve Burrell