About Us

Pathway Enterprises provides straightforward, no-nonsense training and support in Lean Manufacturing and Business Improvement Techniques, that ensures that:

  • Classroom training is underpinned with fully supported 'live' improvement activities which yield genuine business benefits from the very beginning
  • Employees efforts and achievements are rewarded with nationally recognised qualifications
  • Companies are advised and supported in embedding the principles and processes into their regular business activities so that they are empowered to manage and develop their own effective Continuous Improvement Programmes

Are you already thinking " Oh no....not another NVQ programme where my staff have to give up their valuable time simply gathering together 'evidence' to prove that they can do something we all know they can already do?!"

Our delivery of the Business Improvement Techniques Diploma, couldn't be more different in the way it is delivered to the old-fashioned method, which has in so many cases left both learners and employers with so many negative memories.

We will supply full up-front training, and then be on site with the learners to support them for every minute of the planning, execution and review of their improvement projects, and then generate full, professional Project Reports which act as the only evidence they will need to secure their qualifictation.

What we DON'T do is to tell people what they need to do and then simply come in once in a while to let them present their 'evidence'! We get fully involved with the learners to ensure the learning is enjoyable and gives them new skills that can make a genuine contribution to those employers looking to implement a Lean culture in their business. 

Minimum fuss - maximum benefit for learners and employers alike...........a truly "Lean" approach!