Sunseeker International Ltd    

"Steve Burrell has successfully worked with us on delivering 2 waves of B-IT training. We are in progress with the 3rd and plan to continue the roll out of this training throughout our Business.

What make Steve stand out from other trainers is his engaging approachable style that our staff at all levels and have been able to identify with.

Combined with his years in industry, and his access to so many different businesses this translate into case studies that combined with his entertaining style provide a memorable learning experience.

Steve has taken every effort to get to know our Business and the teams that have been involved so far, and therefore has integrated well and has understood the needs of Sunseeker as well as the individual."  Simon Hannam - Operations Manager, Sunseeker International

"When I was promoted into the position of Quality System Manager at a major UK marine manufacturer it was a position I had earned through my knowledge of the business, and previous experience, but not a role I was formally qualified to undertake.  I was keen to pursue relevant qualifications and with the encouragement and backing of the business we approached Steve Burrell of Pathway enterprises for advice on training for myself and several others also now working in quality roles.  Steve was already known to our business thorough his B.I.T training and the benefits of that training that had actually stuck, worked and made a lasting difference.  Steve introduced us to the Chartered Quality Institute and began taking us through one of their Qualifications.  Beforehand I was concerned that it would be boring and therefore hard to digest and apply myself to, Steve solved this. He delivered the course and the subject in the most engaging way, he turned what could have been a boring and mundane year of chewing through books into an exciting, challenging and most informative series of training days, days that we all looked forward too and that ultimately paid off with a 100% pass rate.  Steve was very supportive and went above and beyond the call of any training provider to ensure that we had all the knowledge and understanding we needed to form a solid theoretical and practical understanding of our subject.  Steve was able to culture and interest in me that I have since continued to feed, and he has always made time to answer questions and be available to bounce ideas off. Above all Steve is a real and very genuine person which is so hard to find these days, if he can help you he will and he seeks no credit for this, I believe his motivation and pride comes from seeing others develop and succeed. I can count on one hand the people I have met in life that I truly look up to, respect and admire, Steve is one of them."   

Alex Wills.  Quality System Manager.   Sunseeker Internationa

Numatic International Limited

"We have utilised Steve to deliver our operational excellence programme for over five years.  We initially chose Steve as he was one of a very few trainers who had been trained in the delivery of the Automotive Academy structure of Business Improvement Techniques which we believed had significant advantages over other delivery models.  Steve delivered underpinning knowledge and facilitated projects for us at both levels 2 and 3.  We gave Steve a difficult task as we allowed our teams to choose their own projects to ensure they felt a strong sense of ownership for them.  This meant that some of our projects were not ideally suited to the NVQ model but were important to us.  Despite this Steve facilitated and guided our teams and enabled them to make significant changes in their chosen areas and to achieve real and valued improvements to our performance and working environment.

We were so convinced of Steve's approach and its demonstrable benefits that when there was no longer any funding available for NVQs we continued to engage his services on a commercial basis.  In this phase of the work he has continued to train and support our employees in improvement techniques and has also developed and delivered an "Improvement Champions" course to further support our Supervisors and Team Leaders in their leadership of change.

Steve's real world experience of manufacturing allows him to speak with authority and empathy when relating to our teams challenges and this has given him significant credibility with us as it is evident that he is more than a "trainer".  We have found his delivery style sympathetic enough to cope with those individuals who are initially sceptical of change and challenging enough to support more developed teams.  He has been invaluable in the development our improvement culture and we are continuing to use his service to further support our change programmes."

Stuart Cochrane, Manufacturing Manager, Numatic International Limited

Parker Hannifin Plc

"In the time I have spent with Steve I have found him inspirational, not just for me, but also for my employees.
Steve has a unique ability to bring out the best in people; this was proven to me when he guided 45 of my employees through NVQ2's in Business Improvement Techniques.
During this process Steve helped me to transform my operation through the development of my employees and through the 15 kaizen events he enabled my employees to complete.
To start he led the process and as the people involved gained confidence he altered his style in a way that enabled the people to take the reins.
The way he managed this process was highly professional and seamless from the delegates’ perspective.
I have recommended Steve for future contracts based on my experiences with him and I am happy to give this recommendation for Steve."

Andy Pacey, Division Manufacturing Manager, Instrumentation Products Division Europe

Groveley Precision Engineering Ltd

"The improvements made have allowed us to maintain our staff levels over the last 18 months. We have created created additional capacity with existing staff levels which we are now filling with new customers."     Peter Bennet - MD, Groveley Precision Engineering


SFL Flues & Chimneys Ltd

"In 2010 eight employees achieved levels 2 & 3 in Business Improvement Techniques with the support of Steve Burrell of Pathway Enterprises Limited. I am pleased to say that all of our employees gained their qualification through Steve's excellent tutorage, and the feedback from the participants was that the course design was hands-on, enjoyable and results-driven. Steve' s approach was supportive and professional and he showed a sincere committment to the development of the group."   Sarah-Jane Lincoln - Business Administrator, SFL Flues & Chimneys Ltd



GSI Westwind Ltd

"We first started working with Steve in July 2009 with a funded NVQ2 programme in Business Improvement Techniques. A total of 60 employees were provided 3-days theoretical training and practical sessions comprising of 3 x 3-day improvement projects identified either by the team or by the company. The programme proved to be a great success and enabled many of the learners to connect the theory with a practical problem utilising orderly, logical frameworks. The PDCA framework (and the tools applied to it) is an established system within Westwind now and we try to document projects in the way learners were taught.

Connecting with 60 different people is challenging. Steve adapts his work to suit the audience and whilst Westwind have generally very positive minded people, this is something previous training providers have failed to do. The practical workshops really made the difference and having these facilitated by Steve was a large part of that success.

Since completing this initial package of work Steve has continued to provide regular (monthly) support for Westwind. This is mostly in the form of facilitation or guidance for the C.I. teams ‘keeping them on track’. He has also provided advanced training for Project Leaders and some focused training for Auditing and other ad-hoc requirements. This on-going facilitation has enabled Westwind to push on with improvements whilst continuing to deal with the day-to-day challenges of running a business.

Steve is always well prepared and makes sure he has fully understood the requirement before delivering it. The materials used are of good quality, his schedules are well planned out and the support provided is good value. Finally, Steve’s personality has been engaging for the teams and keeps the learning process enjoyable."

Dave Goodwin, Director of Engineering and Operations, Westwind Air Bearings

Kaba Ltd

"I got to know Steve about 4 years ago when he was delivering NVQ accredited Business Improvement Training at Kaba Ltd. At the time I was impressed with all the positive feedback I was hearing from those involved on the course, especially relating to how he was able to make the topic interesting and relevant to those on the course and how he helped them achieve their goals. He was very much about facilitating conversations in the group while guiding and coaching the teams and never just downloading information to them.

Over the last year I have been privileged enough to have worked far more closely with Steve as he has helped me delivery a Lean Principles Training programme to all supply chain functions at Kaba Ltd, this includes Purchasing, Order Processing, Logistics, Assembly, Repairs, Manufacturing Engineering, QUENSH, Business Process Management and Supply Chain Administration. This training was yet again well received by all who participated, from shop floor workers through to management and even the Divisional Lean Manager from Group who was extremely impressed at both the delivery and the content of the course.

This ability of Steve's to really engage the people in the conversation helps to break down any resistance to the new ideas, potential change or different methodology he might be discussing with people and it is what has now allowed me to have a stage 2 training programme approved by myself and the rest of my senior management colleagues. This training programme is a Business Improvement Champions programme over 12 days for 21 key personnel from every level within the organisation, including senior managers and from all functions within the organisation. To me this is a crucial part of our strategy to deliver increased sustainable profitability for Kaba Ltd Uk and I firmly believe that this will be a success thanks to Steve's skill and expertise both in content and in delivery."

Angelo Dalporto, Msc (International Logistics and Supply Chain Management) Head of Supply Chains Kaba Ltd

BIS Valves Ltd

Steve Burrell of Pathway Enterprises Ltd has worked with BiS Valves since 2010, as the company embarked on a continuous improvement initiative. Steve developed and delivered a high quality tailored training program to all staff in the organisation, such that there was a basis of understanding among employees of the goals and concepts of continuous improvement. When introducing such concepts there is always a spread between those that immediately see the benefits through to those that fiercely resist change. With an enthusiastic delivery style and real belief in the logic that underpins lean transformation, Steve was highly successful at encouraging the willing while reducing the negativity of the less positively disposed, to the extent that all the original participants (approximately 48 people) received a NVQ level 2 qualification in continuous improvement.

The original training program involved some class work but focussed more on carrying out practical continuous improvement events, which not only helped employees to grasp the concepts of waste reduction and problem solving, but actually involved practical improvements to company processes. Moving on from the original training, certain individuals were identified as potential lean champions, capable of organising and facilitating lean projects, and phase two of our work involved Steve mentoring those champions  as they carried out projects that had a real commercial benefit. Since that time, the chosen lean champions have progressed onto further projects, and in doing so, we have found a continued benefit in retaining Steve's services as an advisor to those projects. Steve has a wealth of past experience to draw on which has helped our younger champions, and based on that experience, Steve has developed a pragmatic approach to continuous improvement that allows it to be fitted into and built around existing company culture, and I feel that BiS Valves has benefitted from Steve's involvement throughout his time working with us.

Nick Frost, Managing Director BIS Valves Ltd